AuthorTopic: SOFTWARE ENGINEER + CFA level 1
@2010-06-12 00:09:24
Hi everyone ,

I was wandering what a CFA level 1 can bring to a software engineer ? function, salary, evolution... etc.

I hesitate to take cfa courses due to the important cost of the training.

Thanks in advance
@2010-06-21 12:27:28
Were you able to get an answers to this question?
Did you in the end go through with taking the CFA?
What are the benefits of being a software engineer and doing the CFA?

I am also a SE. Your reply would be immensely helpful.
@2010-07-10 17:45:14
I would say it's not worth much unless you work in IT in the industry...

I work in IT currently and plan on using my MBA/MSF plus the CFA L1 to change careers. If i planned on staying in IT it wouldn't be worth the effort in my opinion.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh