AuthorTopic: Some comments from acquaintances on passing L1...
@2018-08-09 18:22:49
Apart from many encouraging ones like, 'I knew you would do it', 'well done', 'congrats', there were also some like

1) Good for you
2) So, what is next?
3) What is CFA!!!

Wondering if you experienced something similar ...
@2018-08-30 23:56:50
Many people thought I had just earned my charter even though I was very specific about the fact that I had passed the first of three tests.

In fact, the PR people at work hastily changed our "who we are" brochure and I had to quickly have them remove the ", CFA" suffix from my entry!
@2018-09-04 15:30:39
- So, do you get a big raise now?
- What? You have 2 more tests still?
- I don't understand why so many people fail. I mean, it's just a test. It can't be that hard.
- Is this like a CPA?

...among the MANY others.
@2018-09-05 09:11:52
from my 60 year old neighbor:

"Oh that's wonderful. My nephew just took a finance exam and passed it. I think it was called the Series 16 test. So I'm sure you'll do fine. Is this one similar?"

Yes lady, this is exactly the same.
@2018-11-19 17:05:49
Passed the June 18 on my second try and have always used CFAI text only. I must admit it was particularly hard reviewing using the texts in the final days. Are there any guys out there with similar experience? I intend to get analystnotes for L2 as many people people have been talking it up. I know this is ground already covered, but do you think analystnotes will make like any better in L2?

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh