AuthorTopic: Starting Level II study now
@2005-04-15 17:23:35
Hi people,

I think I am going to start putting 5-6 hours of study everyday till Level II exam d date. Should I even bother? I wanted to ask everyone who took the Level II exam if they think its enough time. I have 50+ days. I thought it was enough for Level I but Level I was relatively easy. I am going to the accounting section first and this stuff looks like its more in depth than Level I. Please advise.
@2005-05-09 22:31:40

1. Apply for the appropriate permit with local state authority

2. Approach your friendly neighborhood ammunition purveyor

3. Go to a secluded place

4. Load, point at self, fire....

In all seriousness, If you have any semblance of a real job....You'll have a hell of a time pulling this one off.
@2005-05-10 08:01:36
It's kind of late to start, BUT if you really are going to study 5-6 hrs every day, that should be OK. I usually study 1...1.5hrs per day during the week, and 3-4 hours per day on the weekend.

My advice, try it, but you NEED to study 5-6 hrs per day.
@2005-05-10 13:48:07
When I took Level 1, I didn't start studying that year until March and I barely got through it all. I vowed to not do that for L2 and I haven't. I think it's a longshot since the volume of study material is very significant. Go for it, regardless since the exam is all multiple choice. But be aware that even if you did pass, you'd have that much more ground to make up for L3, which is all essay.
@2005-05-30 15:16:21
it's do-able....I had no job last year, I studied for 10 days before the level one test and passed.

This year I have a job, I went through all the material in 5 days of intense studying. Now I'm using 5 days before the exam to review everything and solve lots of problems. If all goes well, I'll pass again.
@2005-05-30 16:24:49
dude, you must be a genious man.
@2005-06-01 16:37:13
actually I studied 2 days for level I and for level II, I am gonna put in an afternoon skipping lunch. If all goes well, I'll pass again.
@2005-06-01 17:03:48
always handy to have a related buisness\commerce related study , then no probs in exmas even w/o much study
@2005-06-01 19:13:11
am i the only idiot on this site who will spend 6 months to prepare for this stupid L1 test?
@2005-06-02 17:02:01
No hagi10, you are not the only idiot on this site who will spend 6 months to prepare. I find it pretty hard to believe that anyone can get through the exam with minimal study time. The only way I see it is if that person has an academic background in the assigned materials AND has extensive experience in several areas. I have both and it's still tough -- and I'm no dummy. In undergrad I had a 3.40 GPA and a 3.80 in grad school. I've always put in what I felt was adequate time and never failed a test until the first 2 tries at Level 2. There may be some genuises out there, but my bet is the talk is a lot of fluff and they'll be in for a rather unexpected surprise. Either way, good luck to all.
@2005-06-03 14:20:46
I majored in finance, econ and the quant, econ, corp finance, and portfolio mngmt sections were all mostly review for level 1.
@2005-06-04 23:48:15
Last year I spent 3 weeks before the exam and passed, too.

This year, I started Early but slowly. So on April 20th, I restarted from the last sections of economics and go on. (4.5 hours a day)Fortunately, I kept all my memory cards I prepared while I studied Level I. I used them for the same topics covered in this exam. I finished all Level II on Monday before the exam. Then I went through all the cards I prepared for three days. And the last 2 days I solved sample exams. (very in detail. 800 of them)

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!