AuthorTopic: Starting NOW with Level1-June??
@2010-01-31 03:14:22
I plan to start now for the Level-1 CFA in June.
Do I have sufficient time to complete the course?
Can people share their thoughts/advice.
Thank You.
@2010-02-01 13:45:21
Yes it's definitely possible, but you will have to put in alot of time in terms of practice questions and reading.

I personally passed with 3 months of hardcore studying. By that, I mean everyday for multiple hours. With a few months before the exam, buckle down and wave goodbye to your social life!

Good Luck!
@2010-02-07 08:22:52
Try to aim for a study session per week (give or take a day) with about a month or so to review. Depending on your background, that should be enough.

Make sure to actually know the information. Simply having a good, college understanding of the material is not enough.

Clock in honest 300 hrs and you will pass. I come from an engineering background with almost no exposure to finance and that is the amount of effort I put in. But they were honest 8 hours. I passed it scoring >70% on all topic.
@2010-02-21 06:24:56
I revised for level one in 10 weeks alongside a full time job, I have zero financial background (MSc in Software Engineering). I put in ~350 hours of good studying, study notes only. I still went out on a proper night out at least once a week too.

Its certainly possible, just sign up and stop thinking about it, the clock is ticking! :-)

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt