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@2004-03-10 10:15:51
Hello Level 1ers. Can anyone give an advice on a good statistics book? I want to use it instead of the crappy Quant book... Thanx in advance.
@2004-03-10 11:32:57
I suggest that you simply buckle down and read it until you understand it. It's not worth the time finding a new book and trying to correlate the materials you need to cover.
@2004-03-11 09:22:52
The problem is that the recommended book tells you how to do stuff instead of why - and I do have the time to read a couple of extra books for a better understanding of the material. Moreover, allmost all of the stats books cover the same topics - no need to correlate. The problem is to choose the book that is most helpful (e.g. easy to read and gives hints on how to apply excel)
@2004-03-12 03:03:01
Ok...I don't know why it is so important to know the why of doing statistics...averages and whatnot and I don't know how you're going to apply Excel while in the exam. But, good luck!
@2004-03-12 18:24:19
I have a book called "Data Analysis Using Excel" by Michael Middleton, Duxbury Press - my book is 'ancient' (1995) and refers to Excel 5.0, but I can imagine that there is an update for whatever version spreadsheet version you are using. it is a basic, reader-friendly guide to statistical techniques with built-in tutorials - and pretty much like what you seem to be looking for.

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