AuthorTopic: stduy group for CFA1(melbourne)
@2008-08-18 22:15:46
I am preparing for CFA 1 ,who want to study with me ?melbourne
@2008-08-22 06:59:15
Hi.I will sit for level 1 in june 2009.We can study 2gether.Thanks
@2008-09-04 06:57:18
I am taking CFA Level 1 in June 2009. It would be good to study together.
@2008-09-17 21:52:19
Hi all, mine is Lv1 June09. would like to study together.
@2008-09-29 20:22:49
Hi. I am also taking L1 next Jun. Wanting to form a study group together? Can squeeze me in?
@2008-10-02 05:34:02
Hi all, wondering how we study together. anyone want to exchange the contact for future discussion?
@2008-10-02 06:24:46
Hi all, I am also studying for Level 1, June 9.
I am happy to find a study group, please count me in.

@2008-10-03 00:14:36
my contact number: 041-342-6068
@2008-10-04 18:44:53
Hi study group,

I don't know how far you are with the material, but I am in book one and got stuck with the frequency. specifically, practice problem 3A reading 7. As silly it might look, I know how to calculate the accumulative frequency, relative frequency, but the first column, "Frequency".

Can anyone help, please?
Thank you
@2008-10-06 05:06:47
my number is 0433530058. I have not finish all the reading, and book1 is the last I would read. too hard for me all these codes...sorry i would not be able to help on this issue in a couple of months. but would like to answer any questions about the derivatives, corporate finance and portfolio management.
@2008-10-06 14:23:37
Thank you for prompt response. I will let you know when I get to the other subjects.
@2008-10-06 17:42:37
Hi guys. I wonder that since there are 6 books in total and we all may be reading different books. How can we study together? You know what i mean? Unless everyone are on the same pace(book), there will be beneficial to have a study group.
@2008-10-07 19:01:04
The most important part of the CFA is Financial statement analysis,so maybe we can first study this book first and then further study others.The most important thing what we should do is to confirm a time and palce to meet each other.
@2008-10-09 21:09:05
do not know whether it is possible for everyone to have the same study plan (same sequence of reading). but it is a good idea to catch up and discuss. also, i would suggest we do it later this year when everyone pretty much finishes individual reading. from now on, any questions we have from the individual study could be posted here and see who can help.

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