AuthorTopic: Still left with 11 study sessions to go!
@2018-04-01 00:50:56
Is it better to switch to schweser or analystnotes as i m reading from main curriculum? Needs strategy to prepare as time is short now.
@2018-04-02 16:41:23
I did my first round of studies from analystnotes and then revising with CFA Curriculum. Its faster that ways.

You can also start studying from wither analystnotes or schweser and then just go thru the LOS from CFA curriculum.
@2018-04-17 22:35:10
I passed L1 with analystnotes question bank, EOC from CFAI curriculum. Then mocks of course from both. I think the problem is not the source of information, the problem is to get ready to achieve knowledge in a disciplined way.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!