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@2016-05-01 00:07:34
You know what, I wish I never took up the CFA exam! Waking up at 3 am, all stressed out and trying to study as I can't sleep becuase of the stress, only to realise at 5:30am that I haven't learnt anything at all as I'm both stressed out and sleepy. Can't sleep since I would have to leave for work in 1 & 1/2 hours.

At work, is it my imagination or does work always pick up at around April/May.... Sleepy.

stressed, not handling my job well, even more stress. After work, get home, can't study as I'm tired and stressed. Which increases my stress since I'm not studying enough. In turn causes insomnia. See that cycle?

Is anyone experiencing similar problems? Why are we doing this to ourselves? In the number of interviews I had (statistically insignificant
compared to the number of applications made), I don't think the CFA made much of an impression. Work experience matters more, so much more that there is no comparison.

Anyway, just ranting..... stressed
@2016-05-03 07:19:17
yep me totally!!!!
I arrive at work at around 7am and do not leave till around 6.30/7 pm. It is VERY difficult for me to study at work, or at home during the week, so have to try & focus on the weekends. The longer you continue in this cycle the more stressed you become and as this increases you move further away from your schedule.
Its time to BREAK this downward decline & build in some simple disciplines. such as 1 hour per day & then 6 hours over the weekend - for say 2 weeks and then analyse the situation.
What ya think??
@2016-05-04 12:35:48
So why not try to pray? I think God could comfort you, as I experienced it before!
@2016-05-09 22:48:33
O.k. I'm not stressed yet about the exam, but now I'm thinking that I should be which is starting to stress me! I just started my new job assisting brokers at a bank so right now I'm just worried about that job and have neglected the course. Is anyone taking the exam in June 2017? Have you started studying already? God I'm feeling behind now. I got all the books and everything, I just need to motivate myself to start. Starting is the hardest part I find... Is anybody in the Montreal area?
@2016-05-10 22:15:45

Dude, take about 2 days off of studying. Get some sleep, watch a favorite TV show. Unplug from the CFA and your job for 48 hours. Take a walk outside, exercise, spend some time with family. Then, when those 2 days are over, develop a schedule for your day and stick to it.

There has to be a good reason for you to have started the CFA and gotten this far. Take a short break, enjoy the important things in life, refocus, and then hit it hard for the home stretch.

Always make sure you get 7 hours of sleep at minimum, unless you're one of those fortunate ones that can function normally on less. That should be critical for effective studying.
@2016-05-11 23:22:46
I just like the term "light partying".

I'm off for a romantic weekend - and I've packed two printout from this site's notes. this sh*t has really gotten into my head.
@2016-05-12 04:00:53
Looks like you are going to get banged hard this weekend. I would forget the notes if I were you.
@2016-05-13 12:15:23
I took a week off. No studying at all and lots of exercise. It worked. Also, I only study week days and Saturday Morning, and take the rest of the week end to release stress by doing fun activities like sports, movies and light partying.
@2019-06-04 07:33:46
I just started a week ago for the December exam, & by looking at those TEXTBOOKssssssssssss , the number of pages that I gotta clear off per day!!! Totally FREAK out.... Is there any aids for study in better way??

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