AuthorTopic: Study Ethics only from Schweser or AnalystNotes?
@2019-08-11 05:38:40
I just started the prep from Aug 10th, and will be having exactly 110 days. Considering the time, I'm planning to cover the Ethics part from the Analystnotes. Will it be a good idea? Or I should cover them from CFAI? One of my friends suggested me to at least see the Practice Lessons from Schweser. Will it be okay to PASS?

Any suggestions would mean a lot to me.
@2019-08-16 08:56:41
Ethics is the one topic that you should read from the CFA Institute curriculum. They do a really good job with Ethics; don't short change yourself by trying to rely on a 3rd party's Ethics material.

CFA Discussion Topic: Study Ethics only from Schweser or AnalystNotes?

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