AuthorTopic: Study Group for CFA L1 London
@2011-01-10 08:34:17
Is anyone there interested in forming a group to study for CFA L1 June 2011, around London ?
@2011-01-20 18:12:18
hello,pls i will really love to get in touch with the current study group in london. my name is chuks, and I live in Dagenham
pls, i will really love to be contacted back on this issue. I am really hoping to take the cfa 1 level this year. hope some one will reply on this issue


@2011-03-02 04:33:51

Can you let me know if you have already started a study group? I would like to join.

@2011-08-02 14:38:22
@ cfaster, Any update on the London Study group. I'm so interested. I'm a returning candidate for level1. Hope for a feedback soon.

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