AuthorTopic: Study group in Northern NJ
@2005-07-22 22:23:53
Anyone interested? You must be registered candidate for December 2005 Level 1 examination. (908) 304-4289.
@2005-07-29 14:28:26
I will be interested in a study group.
@2005-08-01 08:57:51
Write to or call 908-304-4189 (mis-spelt earlier).
@2005-08-04 15:49:13
I am interested.
@2005-08-13 10:23:04
I am also interested.
@2005-08-15 14:31:14
I am also interested, can u guys let me know where in North NJ..I am in newport/Jersey City
@2005-09-06 10:59:39
Hi Guys, I am also interested.Pl tell me how to join your group.

CFA Discussion Topic: Study group in Northern NJ

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Andrea Schildbach