AuthorTopic: study group in sydney?
@2009-05-15 08:46:35
Hey, just wondering if there are any study groups in Sydney. I am hoping to find someone to go to the exam with.
@2009-06-10 06:26:57
Hey, I have made enrollment for Dec 09 Level 1, are you interested in?
@2009-08-11 20:16:25
Hey guys, i'm interested in a study group for Level 1 in Sydney as well. Where abouts are you guys based?
@2009-09-15 05:27:03
Yeah my contact is 0432261046. you can send a text or write to me
@2009-10-05 01:42:10
hey guys,
I am also in Sydney living in the hills area. How are your studies going?
@2009-10-09 20:08:44
hey guys
is it too late to join your study group?
I'm in Sydney. How many people in the group?
Do you meet regulary? Are you guys going to take level 1 exam ?
@2010-01-04 08:31:52
I'm planning to do the June 2010 l1 exam. Anyone in Sydney still studying for it?
@2010-03-14 18:11:05
Hi Keith,

I am planning to do Dec'10 exams and do level 2 Jun'11 exams. I was going to do the Jun'10, but in Jan'10 my friend advised that I should wait for Dec.

Out of interest, how are your preparation going for Jun'10 exams?

Anyone else doing Dec'10 level 1? It would be great to have a buddy to study with
@2010-10-21 07:10:58
Hi Cand,

I'm doing the Dec 10'. I'd be interested. Please contact me.

I know it's been a while since you posted your post, but hopefully you still check this.

@2011-01-03 19:41:46

Anyone else in Syd currently enrolled in the June11 L1 exam?

I would like to form a study group if possible.


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