AuthorTopic: Study group in Toronto for the CFA level 1 exam
@2010-02-01 06:02:21
Hey guys!

I am taking Level 1 exam in Dec. Is anybody interested to form a study group in Toronto? Maybe we can meet once a week or so to discuss. I'm open to suggestions.
@2010-08-02 04:37:11
hey i am writing L1 as well in Dec.
Please contact me!
@2010-08-08 22:06:57
I'm in Toronto as well studying for the L1 in Dec. Another person has messaged me to form a small, smart, dedicated group so please get in touch with me as well - cheers!
@2010-08-13 13:48:03
Guys, if you don't mind, I would like to join your group. Have you guys already started studying?
@2010-08-24 03:41:35
hi guys i am leaving in nova scotia , but coming to toronto the last 2 weeks , maybe i can get in touch once or twice to help each other.
@2017-06-04 21:17:10
HI im interested too
@2017-06-04 21:18:47
HI im interested too . i work Downtown Toronto and live in mississauga. I will be taking the exam in Dec 2017 and wanted to join your study group
@2017-06-20 11:22:30
Hey guys! I'm in Toronto too and will be writing an exam in Dec 2017, contact me if you would like to study together
@2017-07-31 00:22:47
Hi there. I am prepping for Dec '17. It would be great if we can plan a study group and work towards the exam. Contact me
@2017-08-17 09:32:28
Hey I am also prepping for Dec '17 L1. I was wondering if anyone is in the Mississauga area willing to meetup and study.
@2017-08-22 19:52:44
Email if you would like to join a study group for the Dec 2017 Level 1 exam.
@2017-10-13 18:25:57
I am interested in joining the study group. I live in Toronto and going to sit for CFA DEC 17 L1.
@2017-11-11 15:42:30
hey guys,

i am not sure how to contact you all but i am in downtown and writing LV1 in DEC 17. I ma ready to study together if you guys want
@2018-02-20 21:29:36
Hi, I am also taking CFA -1 in December. Can we guys make a whats app group?

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