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@2009-09-20 11:20:05
Just venting. My study group (3 of us) is comprised of jerks. One guy gets more out of it than he gives. Also gets career advice from two of us but nothing in return. The other gau is hard to get hold of. Everyone seems to be so selfish and insecure. What a mess. I told them both to shove it today.
@2009-10-20 15:17:00
hahaha... sorry to hear that, but its a good story. especially the "shove it."

reminds me of roommate quarrels in school
@2010-02-05 03:30:50
LOL... thats really funny D
The online StudyGroup is a waste of time it'll be like a chatroom talking about everything else except the Study materials ).I mean its a serious matter, and i suggest for the 3 of you and who's really interested to study a specific part or material and everyone post what probs did he find hard to understand and exchange the questions. I think its so tight to talk about something like that ! its only 3 months left without the last revision month !
@2010-02-15 14:01:26
I would like to create an online group to study CFA
The group of 5 will be perfect, although I am ready to study with one "partner" as well.
We will need to make a trial meeting on the first week-end and work at a full-scale later on during the next 14 weeks.
The meetings are conducted to:
exchange the test questions on the topic that is under consideration
clarify the issues on the topic
The group will presumably meet online through skype. People are also supposed to have google & googlewave accounts to have access to calendar, word-processing and some other tools.
The meeting will be held at least three hours, perhaps on Saturdays and/or Sundays.
Developing the agenda is obligatory for the group members. During the week the member is preparing for the meeting. The member is expected to provide a list of test questions and answers. The number of such questions is targeted: minimum is defined beforehand.
Each member is supposed to present a set of questions and to ask these questions. Other memebers are supposed to answer the questions, either in writing or orally.
The course study is to be discussed on the first meeting, although the schedule is more or less ready.

The main principles of such studying process are:

test-oriented program, test questions are the main studying instruments
free and interchangeable participation
structured, clear and transparent studying plan
no entry barriers
competiotion is stimulated
usage of new technologies is encouraged

my skype id is viktor.bisovetskyi
If you are interested, please send me a private message by Friday. I will contact contact those of you who are interested, and we will try to schedule a scype meeting on Saturday or Sunday to define clear rules how to organize the studying process.

thanks, Viktor

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!