AuthorTopic: Study Group SF
@2008-09-08 20:14:13
Anyone in SF interested in posting questions and issues here?
@2008-10-11 06:34:21
I am interested. What area of SF are you in?
@2008-12-11 16:57:05
i am from SF and taking L1 June09. i am interested in forming a study group in FiDi.
@2009-02-07 16:11:28
I'm also in SF and looking to form a study group.
@2009-02-19 13:02:47
Hi.. wondering if any group has been formed yet? Let me know how we go about this.. i live in bay area and group study has always worked for me..
@2009-03-05 12:28:59
also interested in a study group in Fin District. Live & work in city

CFA Discussion Topic: Study Group SF

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Andrea Schildbach