AuthorTopic: Study help for CFA Level I December 2013?
@2013-08-25 04:18:02
I am going to start studying for Level I this weekend. I know it is a bit late to actually begin studying, but I am a student so I have a lot more free time to study.

I have a Finance/Investment and Economics background so a lot of the work seems familiar to me (except FRA and Ethics). I am generally a fast reader, and am able to devote 6+ hours a day barring the 2 weeks in September when I write exams.

After mid-October, I have officially completed my coursework and and 6 weeks completely free to study for CFA. From then on I can probably commit 8-10 hours of studying for the exam.

What would be the best approach to studying the the exam?

I have been told by a few people that for Level I, the analystnotes study packages are sufficient to pass. Also, practicing as many questions as possible is also very important.

Thanks for your help!

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!