AuthorTopic: Study Partners To discuss queries online by email etc
@2011-04-24 17:15:48
Hi guys I am aiming for cfa level 1 in December
i am planning to start my preparation from now itself
I am thinking of creating a group of people who are aiming for cfa level 1 in december so that we can discuss our queries together on regular basis

I have arranged all the study material and i have prepared my scheduled also
so if anybody who is interested in having a online group study for cfa level 1 in DEC ,please send me a message so that we can learn together

It is really going to help all of us as we will having many people to share the knowledge .

Any one who has completed this exam and willing to help us ,please message me .I'll really appreciate.

@2011-05-09 22:41:13
i also will start my preparation soon,we can discuss togather..
@2011-05-10 14:33:29
Count me in...I want learn together...
@2011-05-18 23:26:50
I'm in too...
@2011-05-19 04:02:47
I'm in.
@2011-05-19 04:49:11
Me too. Let us know how to join in.
@2011-05-19 13:06:24
Up for Dec L1 too...happy to join...
@2011-05-20 07:43:38
@elance thanx and count me in too:)
@2011-05-22 02:57:53
We will use skype for discussion?
@2011-05-24 20:52:39
Let me know about whats the plan.
@2011-05-25 06:06:20
I'm in too..
@2011-05-26 18:53:10
Hey guys, just to let you know I'm on a google group named 'CFA Level1 Group' as CMacedo. I'll be checking in each evening.

Feel free to add me to your skype as well. I'm cxmacedo. I'll help where I can with any questions you've got, or talk through them with you, as long as I'm not at work. I'm on there pretty much 24/7.
@2011-05-31 14:41:39
any one from Hartford , Connecticut area for group study over weekends
@2011-06-16 02:09:00
I am in. Do we have any plan yet?
@2011-06-18 11:03:40
Hi I m also interested to discuss the queries through email

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