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@2019-01-14 17:43:28
Hello all, I signed up to take level 1 in June and have a few questions regarding how I should go about studying for the exam.

1. How many hours per week did you study?

2. Would you recommend the books that the CFA provides or other material (i.e. stalla, schweser or analystnotes)? If you used analystnotes what package did you buy?

3. How did you study for the exam?

I really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
@2019-01-16 19:13:51
About 6 months on each level.
L1: About 300 hours, L2: about 500 hours and L3: about 600 hours.

AnalystNotes 100% and CFAI books for ethics and GIPS.
Also as many exercises as possible, especially AN's mock exams.

The optimal study differs from person to person.
I did the following (6 months in total):
- 3 months: Read everything and understand as much as possible
- 2 months: Read everything for the second time and understand everything and remember as much as possible. Do exercises to help you remember and understand.
- 1 month: Do exercises and read fast everything or the parts you don't understand

I studied in the morning before work 5-7 and in morning in the weekends 6-11.
@2019-01-19 21:14:15
Im having the same issue, i dont know what to use or what to do!

I am sitting the June 2019 level 1 also, and I have only done study session 4 which took me long enough! Is it worth making notes as you go through the material first time around, Alberto?

I find this is taking a lot of my time.

I may read through all notes, noting only crucial elements and then doing all questions for a month and then back to the material...

am thoroughly confused! :s
@2019-05-01 13:53:12
taking notes is ur own choice... I made notes during my Level 1 exam and they proved quite handy in the last month before exam... but yes making notes consumes a lot of valuable time which can be spent on exercises or working on the next study sessions...
But then if u know how to make notes, den it vil save time at the end as u will not b going thru whole books and instead just covering ur notes vil b enough...
worked for me... ALL THE BEST!!!

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!