AuthorTopic: Study plan: to cram in 23 days. Who has a plan?
@2016-11-11 18:23:29
Hi everyone

I registered for the exam quite late and haven't had a chance to sit down for revision until a couple of weeks ago. I read somewhere it takes about 300 hours to study for this exam but I have already spent a lot of time reading (maybe 40 hours?) and I am still not through reading the first textbook. I just finished NPV & IRR (I only have a casio FC calculator, still waiting for my HP to arrive) I am not from banking but studied economics partially in Uni 10 years ago. I can put aside about 10 hours per day up till the exam.

What do I do?

BTW: Anyone here taking the exam in London this Dec? Anyone in/around Oxford, Wallingford area wanna get together for some study sessions before the exam?


CFA Discussion Topic: Study plan: to cram in 23 days. Who has a plan?

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh