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@2018-01-31 08:18:30

I'm pretty unorganised...
What's your study technic ? How do you organise in the week to study ? In the day ? in the month ?

Thanks a lot ...
@2018-02-16 02:04:21
HI all,
I'm also in pretty mess completed Ethics,3/4 of economics and 1/2 of QM,my problem is how not to forget what i already covered when doing new subjects.Can somebody advise i'm trying to continue practising MCQs

Thanks in advance
@2018-02-24 19:46:41
c'mon now. are you really seriously asking those questions? You don't know "HOW" to study?
@2018-03-22 21:50:36
yeah, i understand..I am sort of person who get easily bored if i study too much on one topic. so, I read here and there in every topic. so i finish quantitative methods, corporate finance, fixed income and economics yet I forget what i m thinking is I will put all the theories and formulas as in quicksheet and post in on the bedroom wall . so , on weekends, i only need to study the sheet that I have noted down and played as if i am a professor otherwise i have the tendency to really get bored

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