AuthorTopic: Study techniques - thoughts anyone?
@2017-09-01 20:10:07
I read the most interesting article on the 'net the other day: "Repeated test-taking better for retention than repeated studying, research shows" by Gerry Everding. Students will do much better on the final test, and will learn much more in much less time, if they self-test frequently while studying. Students who rely on repeated study alone (and no self-testing) often have a false sense of confidence. Two experiments were made - one group of students studied a prose passage for five minutes and then took immeadiate free-recall tests, the other group received no tests but were allowed another five minutes to restudy the passage each time their counterparts were involved in self-testing. Final retention tests were given to all students after five minutes, two days or one week later. After five minutes the study-only group scored 81% whilst the repeated-test group scored only 75%. More interestingly, after one week the study-only group scored only 40% whilst the repeated-test scored dramatically better, 61%. The study-only group had read the passage about 14 times but remembered less than the repeated-test group, where the participants had read the passage only 3.4 times in their one-and-only study session. The article ends by concluding how strong the testing effect is and that cramming improves performance in the short-run only.

Thoughts, anyone?
@2017-09-05 10:58:26
I have found that if I just read and casually do a problem here and there I don't really learn the material as well as if I do more practice questions/tests.

Ok new years is over, time to pick up the pace!
@2017-09-22 10:17:12
Interesting research - kind of fits with my own experience.

My stratergy is read the AN stuff once, do the basic questions, do the review questions, reread the sections I get wrong...

Passed L1 first time. Kind of a slow process though.
@2017-11-12 16:14:04
I prepared for CFA twice and flucked. because no leave before the exams. Do u guys advise 2 weeks leave before the exams
@2017-12-21 23:03:37
Study 6 miles prior take one week off before exam. The key is the 6 months continual study prior to exam date.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz