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@2017-09-24 02:04:02
Hey, just wondering how everybody here studies for this exam. Do you guys merely read the materials, complete questions etc. or do you also take notes as you go along? I have been attempting the latter but am finding my progress is stuttering because of it. Would be interested to see differences in learning techniques.
@2017-09-29 18:57:47
Reading & making side notes right on the books. Then I go on doing my EOC questions. I'm well aware that I won't remember every tiny detail when I finish, but that's what my 1.5 months at the end are for. In the 1.5 months, I'll be reviewing and doing as many questions, practice and mock exams as possible. Also, I've already done ethics, but I'm planning on dedicating the last week on reading the CFAI ethics book once or twice.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt