AuthorTopic: Studying accounting - how?
@2017-03-02 12:20:41
Is the accounting review information that you are using pretty good? Or are you supplementing it with outside materials (like textbooks)?

Accounting is a weak point for me, so I am just curious to see what others do, how good provided review materials are. Obviously, if I am still uncomfortable with ACCT, then I can consult textbooks.
@2017-03-26 13:58:51
Accounting is a game about concepts and common sense... u just have to think like an accountant... I am an ACCA qualified so i can understand what u r going thru as i had a hard tym coming to grips wid it... bt trust me once u start thinking lyk a person who has to maintain records, u will surely start doing better

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.