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@2015-08-13 20:18:18
Hi there, I would like to ask you guys a question, I am currently in my final year of doing my Bachelors in finance. with three courses a semester (6 hours a week) would it be possible for me to also study for my level 1 till December 2015? How hard is it to do so.

@2015-08-13 20:19:05
Forgot to mention that I also have a job.
@2015-08-24 00:30:32

I am not an expert though I could throw up a suggestion. It is great that you have a finance background, with that in mind I think an extra 5 hours if possible to squeeze in along with your busy schedule could be a feasible target of December 2014.

@2015-08-25 06:04:01

Just got my MSc Finance and Investment. Just thinking of going for CFA how are my chances given there is no passmark, and also will be writing from Africa - someone told me there is a restriction as to how man African candidates should pass. Is it true?
@2015-08-25 19:13:47
hi Almarri,

I'm also doing my final sem of finance at uni with a job and doing my first level cfa. Have you picked up the cfa?

@2015-10-26 16:03:37
Mukaranga. I have a self taught finance and investment background and when I took the June 2015 exam I missed passing by 1 percentage point. With your previous history you will likely be successful.
What you have heard about CFA needing to reach a certain number of african males is completely false. They simply take the top x% of scores and that's it.

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