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@2016-07-14 17:29:58
I'm working thru Quant, however I'm some what curious what everyone else's note taking strategies are. (mind you i'm an econ guy, i'm banking on being able to make up time by breezing thru that book)

I'm taking notes on EVERY THING thru Quant and it feels like I'm working at a snail's pace. This has me nervous. However, I haven't taken a stats/ calc class since '00 when I graduated so I'm not current and most of this stuff is foggy since its been so long.

I'm sure acctg/ fin./math guys are wizzing thru this, however I'm curious how others are addressing note taking. Are you just reading and moving along, or are you taking notes galore, or do you have another route to glory???

Is it safe to assume this is the slowest read of them all?

@2016-07-16 07:33:52
The first time, I took notes on absolutely everything, but then didn't have enough time to really go through and review them. This time, I'm only taking notes on things I don't fully understand or are in the LOS, and hoping the extra review time I'm giving myself will allow me to learn the stuff I'm uncertain of better. However, I believe this is completely dependent on your learning style.

Personally, quant, FSA, and derivatives took me a long time to get through...
@2016-08-23 07:12:53
I do every practice problem at the end of each reading, I write them down on papers. These plus the some of the important notes I pick up in reading the texts are my notes.

Speaking of notes, I plan to order the analystnotes ebook to save time from taking the basic notes of the material.
@2018-10-24 13:47:13
I found a really effective method prior to taking the June exam. I did a line of blow! I figure if I want to work in finance, I need to learn to do lines, after all, it's how business is conducted on Wall Street.

The results were amazing! I was sharp, focused, and was able to stay up for a long time studying.

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