AuthorTopic: supplemental notes.
@2005-05-03 18:21:29
Hey guys, I have just registered for Dec exam, and purchased CFA notes. What do I need to supplement these notes with? or are they just enough to pass L1 (I have a finance degree)

Everybody keep saying how hard ethics part is, is there like a rules and regulations book I can get, or CFA notes cover that area as well?

thanks a lot
@2005-05-04 15:23:01
Go to the CFA Institute's website. You can download a study guide for the exam, although I don't know if the Dec '05 SG is out yet. You could download the current SG for L1, which should provide a good idea of what to expect. Re: Ethics, it is not hard, certainly not relative to the other subject areas. It is simply a matter of repetition to learn the rules, etc.
@2005-05-04 18:34:18
so do CFA center notes cover ethics?
@2005-05-05 18:45:31
Yes, otherwise there could be no room for this website.
@2005-05-05 21:55:36
They should cover all 18 Study Sessions.
@2005-05-12 02:25:22
CFA center notes are very good, but also if you want to suplement them, allenresources is also very good with notes and sample questions. it provides pdf form sample questions which i think are good as you can study away from the pc, but cfa center has reallly good online sample questions
@2005-05-12 02:27:21
Also, WHATEVER u do, stay AWAY from schweser, how those notes actually pass people is unbelievable, they are ridiculously bad!! The only good thing is the book 6, which has the sample questions

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!