AuthorTopic: Suspect CFA claim on resume - update
@2016-03-22 16:43:58
For those who followed the story from 5 months ago, the person in question who lied on their resume about their CFA level candidate got a formal letter of suspension from CFAI PCP.

CFAI is killing her candidacy for L2 this year, no refunds obviously. I don't have exact details of the suspension.. it may actually be termination. But her resume online is also updated

it went from: CFA Level 2 Candidate
Now: Passed L1 on the first attempt

So, CFAI is comprised of 2 different teams.

If you get caught, one team calls you right away and tells you to stop the violation (we saw this happen).
The other team formally sets a date to reviews all the facts in a committee, decides, and sends a formal letter and takes 5 months.
@2016-04-10 05:09:01
Care to link us to the original story/thread? Intrigued to read about how she was caught and what led up to the suspension.

CFA Discussion Topic: Suspect CFA claim on resume - update

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