AuthorTopic: Switching to CQF from CFA
@2018-05-12 19:51:51
Hello my fellow candidates/members,

I passed December 2017 CFA level 1 exams and am very excited!!. I earned lot knowledge in CFA level 1 curriculum. Its the best education in Finance Field, but my experience is in software development and background is in Engineering, I wanted something where I can use my knowledge and expirence.

Hence I thought I should do CQF which is only 6 months course and complete CFA level 2 and 3 later on. Any thoughts/Guidance on the same?

@2018-05-21 02:33:07
The curriculum actually looks pretty solid. Now if only people had heard of it outside a select few. However, I think you'd be better off to do a MFE degree rather than the CQF, IMHO, if this is where your interests lay.

There are too many people taking CQF and the final exam of it is open book and all of the people I heard who have done this programe were able to get an distinction. Plus, none of them have ever been able to switch to FE after the programme.

Also, can you really learn so much in such a complicated field by doing 6-month's part time studying?

Plus, it is also pretty forking expensive - almost $20k! It is something nice for you to have but I am not sure if it is worth the $$$.

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