AuthorTopic: Sydney - June 2008 Level 1 Group
@2007-10-03 13:44:43

Let me know if you are interested in forming a study group for June 2008 Level 1 exam?
@2007-11-07 03:32:57
would love to.

any others?
@2007-11-09 04:54:38
I love to take part, whether U come from Vietnam
@2007-11-27 21:22:55
mee to , not frm sedny though
@2008-02-19 23:57:22
I'm in Sydney and I would love to meet up.

Just wondering at what stage everyone is at.

I'm acutally intending on studying this saturaday at Mac Uni library.
@2008-03-05 03:26:59
Would be great to catch up and discuss some problems. I am on session 12, however did session 1 first and than started at the end so almost half way...
I am in sydney as well. I live in the north however don t have a car to dirve to mac uni. Thus would prefer to catch up maybe in the city?
@2008-06-12 10:13:14
Hey wana get some expert advice
did my level 1 recently
@2008-06-15 06:40:23
hey guys i would love some from brisbane though..dont know if anyone is here? thx

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