AuthorTopic: Systems Consulatant with CFA
@2009-02-13 14:16:09
Wondering whether I could get any insight as to what jobs might be available to someone with a very strong systems background who recently finished the CFA program.

I am an accomplished programmer (Java, C/C++, C# VB) who has very string skills around data, data modeling and database systems (Oracle, MS SQL and Access). I have been working as a consultant, principally in the Insurance and Financial Services industries.

I am seeking a job that would use the functional knowledge I gained while taking the CFA exams whilst also leveraging my data and programming background.

I have a degree with a strong quantitative content, ten years of industry experience and passed all CFA exams on the fist attempt in consecutive years. Currently make around $120K plus bonus. Any insight would be much appreciated.
@2009-02-14 15:43:09
Question: What are you doing here then?

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