AuthorTopic: t-stat and z-stats
@2007-05-04 15:50:25
Hey guys,

Does anyone know if we will be given stat tables or if BAII calculator can reproduce the numbers?

I checked CFA policies; they state that all the needed info will be given with the question. But it does not give any idea if we are expected to memorize anything.

Thanks for the help.

@2007-05-10 16:11:21
No, stats tables will be given and the calculators can't reproduce the numbers. You have to memorize all the stats. Not to scare you though, all you need to know is most important numbers for 68%, 90%, 95%, 99%, etc.
@2007-05-12 11:32:25
Thanks, didnt know that....
@2007-05-15 22:44:54
What about degrees of freedom for t, and especially for F?

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