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@2016-04-10 21:05:15
Has anyone taken the 2016 Mock exam? Comments?
@2016-04-11 13:33:10
I took the one offered by AnalystNotes and I answered this questions in a new thread but I'll repost it here:

"I took the 3 hour mock exam and after about 6 months of reading CFAi textbooks and AN, I did HORRIBLE on it. A majority of the questions looked so foreign to me that after the exam, I feel so discouraged to take the real exam in June. I'm just glad I have about 8 weeks for straight practice questions until the big day and can only get better from here."
@2016-04-14 07:37:20
I've just taken the AN mock 2016 and have also done TERRIBLE. Quite embarrassing really. They're really tough... I hope I can pull things around by June 4th or else I'm really in trouble.

What are the rest of the members thoughts on this?
@2016-04-14 10:29:50
Were these the 2016 Mock exam provided by CFAI?
@2016-04-16 18:39:53
No. It is the mock exam #1 from analystnotes. It's really tough, compared to the real exam I gave last December. AN has 10 mock exams in total - the price is unbelievably low - $69 for all of them plus all the 5,000+ review and basic questions and study notes etc.
@2016-04-17 16:15:14
Just took the exam out of curiosity and scored 52%. I haven't done any reviews yet and still need to finish Alt Inv. However, I do agree that the questions are very tough and require a lot of computations. But we still have time for improvement. Accounting is the only killer there
@2016-04-18 09:40:30
@ off. lol
@2016-05-06 13:56:15
Did mock exam #2 and got 58%. This is a much better improvement from mock exam #1.
@2016-05-07 09:06:49
I just checked. CFA mock exams. It appears focusing on tough questions is like failing in easy questions.

I have lost my confidence. I just start over again
@2016-05-11 21:40:59
Same with me.. 18 percentile and 50% correct in my first mock exam of AN. very disappointing for me.
@2016-05-20 10:27:34
AN mock eaxm 10, i got 62% but minimum 5 questions r questionable. hope for the best and keep practicing keep your spirit up till big day.
@2016-05-24 06:58:06
hi mock exam 3 i got 59%! wt about you people
@2016-05-26 11:00:49
I just took the CFA mock exam and got 56%.

Now I am deeply nervous about the prospects of passing the exam ...
@2016-10-27 01:43:42
Got 11% on the first mock exam (dont laugh!) and 63% on the second, although noticed some very simple mistakes after reviewing.

It is very demoralising but as long as you are doing better with each one, you are on the right track. Hang in there, people!
@2016-11-05 19:48:25
OH yay!!!! i got just 46 no Mock 1 - I've been beside myself with stress!!

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