AuthorTopic: take the CFA level 1 on June 2016 or not?
@2016-01-11 10:59:05
Dear everyone, I am going to graduate on the late of June 2016 and intend to take a CFA level 1 in June 2016, If I start from now, it means I will have about 4.5 months to study. Is there anyone who have the experiences can tell me that 4.5 months are enough time for CFA level 1 and give me some tips for CFA ? I am now very confuse about this decision!
Thanks in advance!
@2016-01-13 08:47:09
I'have the same question, so I'll post in your thread if you don't mind. I graduated in 2013, and worked some, but now I have all the time I need (unemployed:) ), I can basically study 5-6 hours a day. Is that enough time to prepare for the exam in June? I tried qbank from 2015, took a couple of mock exams and I'm at 50%.

@2016-03-04 17:02:13
from what i hear that is MORE than enough. I'm in the same boat except a full time job also, and i can only do around an hour a night and then i plan to hit it hard (8 to 9 hours of hard) on each weekend day

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Colin Sampaleanu