AuthorTopic: takers of June 2016 exam
@2016-06-29 06:56:09
hey guys,
for the ones who took the june 2016 exam. aren't you guys anxious to find out the results. the waiting is killing me.. i don't want to be too optimistic so i don't get crushed if don't pass. and i don't want to down play it and say i don't have hope, because the feeling just sucks big time.

i hope everybody did well, just how is everyone feeling?
@2016-07-04 14:53:07
When do we get the result?
@2016-07-17 13:36:48
I know how you feel. The waiting for level I seemed endless. For level II it is much easier. If I have passed I start studying again for level III in January, if I have failed, I start studying again for level II in January. Much less to get excited about

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!