AuthorTopic: Taking Level 1 in Dec 2007
@2007-08-28 01:12:16
Hi guys,

Just wondering if I can still use the notes for June 2007?
How much changes will there be?

Thanks alot!!

Anyone from Singapore? Do send me an email!
@2007-08-31 00:46:10
Hi Leahong,

I am considering taking it in Dec as well depending on the number of projects i have left at work. Give me a call? 96649075.

I'm from singapore too. :)
@2007-08-31 19:28:05
I am from Nigeria, a Banker.I am willing to take it in December, I need to know the financial involvement and the entire requirement for the exam.Call me please(+2348036324057)
Wilson Efe.
@2007-10-12 08:40:52
Hi all

From Singapore too, really struggling with preparation from the exam. How's everyone coping?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!