AuthorTopic: tech trading and the CFA
@2010-04-24 00:19:02
any thoughts on the value of a CFA for technical trading? and the industry's view on this as I am trying to break into that area.
@2010-04-28 07:52:21
The CFA level 1 notes have 20 pages on technical analysis, out of a giant stack of about 7 inches. The CFA has a much broader scope on all sorts of investment management techniques.

Also, trading based purely on technicals firmaly belongs in the realm of stay-home trading. Trading desks at banks will always demand some knowledge of fundamental analysis, the greeks and the markets.

Investopedia's taught me more about technicals than the CFA.. the former's been much more worthwhile (and cost-effective!)

CFA Discussion Topic: tech trading and the CFA

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach