AuthorTopic: Technical Analysis
@2015-04-16 16:39:47
To anyone who has taken the exam before, have you ever seen more than 1 question on Technical Analysis on the exam? Interesting topic, but I want to manage my time well and I am thinking we won't need to know this..
@2015-05-02 19:01:01
Out of 300 little topics, nearly all won't be tested. But you never know which ones will.

If it's tested, and you get it right, it's one more question answered correctly. I'd suggest you have some familiarity about the topic, but allocate too much time into it.

- Robert
@2015-05-09 11:15:51
The more shortcuts you take, the higher the odds you will be sitting for the same Level in June.

CFA Discussion Topic: Technical Analysis

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Andrea Schildbach