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@2016-12-02 10:29:31
Hi Guys,

I wont to hear your opinion on this. I have recie1ved an admission to Carnegie Mellon Business School(Tepper) to study Ms Computational Finance. However, I wont to know if this move will really benefit me. Carnegie Mellon is rank 16th on the American best Business Schools for 2014. Should I accept the offer or just continue with my CFA studies? I was targeting Columbia but due to insufficient work experience I wasn't able to get on to the MBA program. I did well on my GMAT (750). I really feel, after I have passed my level one CFA I will be able to get onto the MBA program regardless. Cuz one of my friend got onto Columbia MBA with no sufficient work experience. He had 760 on the GMAT and was taking level 2 CFA which he froze because he I had an addmission to the MBA program from Columbia. The main reason he was able to get onto the program was because of the CFA Level two status. Now my question is should I accept the offer from Carnegie Mellon Business School (Tepper) or sit for my level 1 and wait until level 2 and apply for the MBA program at Columbia? I know my GMAT will not expire after 5 years. Any feedbacks? Holla
@2017-01-19 16:42:42
Depends on the curriculum of that MBA and what you want to specialize in. I've read that CFA is more about investing, whereas MBA is managing the company on the overall (possibly hiring others to give you your investing decision). If you are not going to spend your life in the capital management industry, you don't need to know so much about it right?

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