AuthorTopic: testing centers in Milan
@2008-08-31 03:06:32
does anyone know the address of the testing center from Milan
@2008-09-10 23:19:33
You will know about the address in Novemeber, I guess. At lease that's what I got from the letter of confirmation, so don't worry so early. My colleagus is taking exam in Milan as well, and he doesn't care yet where exactly it will take place, so why should you? Dedicate your worries to CBOK
@2008-09-12 05:31:02
Last year December exam was in Ata Hotel Quark.
@2008-09-16 10:35:17
Thank you very much for your answers.
good luck in december!
@2009-02-23 08:39:55
Hi gigica: Are you italian?

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