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@2003-09-15 22:11:52
I remember in grad school, they would recommend the latest edition for classroom reading, which of course was brand new and expensive. I did fine with the cheaper older editions. (the only difference was the introduction was longer and the pages were numbered differently.)

I was wondering if I could buy editions dated a couple of years ago, used, since it seems like they have a new edition every year for the new crop of CFA hopefuls? The price difference in some cases are 80% off the cover price.
@2003-11-18 13:58:32
I have an older version of Investment Analysis and portfolio management and from comparing the LOS with what`s in the book I definitely think it`s fine to have the older version.
Yet on the other books I have no clue...has anybody checked this for other books?
@2003-11-19 05:14:35
I used the older version of The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements and didn't experience any difficulties. Largely, I don;t think there will be much of an issue in differences between the various editions.
@2003-12-05 17:34:30
I would like to know if textbooks are necessary??...I have cfacenter notes and notes from another provider. I would like to have some feedback before I would buy some. Also, if I do need then ,which textbooks should I buy?? where should I buy from?? I checked on AIMR website. How are the textbooks offered by them??
@2003-12-06 20:34:40
i think it's good to have them, more in-depth, for when-you-get-stuck moments. most of the notes out there are just summaries. but if you don't understand the material, then the summary won't help you.
@2003-12-08 10:16:43
thanks!! but pls let me know what textbooks shld i buy??
@2003-12-19 12:08:52
To those who took the Dec '03-- How are the notes from the CFACenter? Are they worth it?


@2004-01-12 23:06:36
I use Stalla + CFACenter notes, I have got 2 textbooks ( quant and Financial Mgmt) and thats all I need now.

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