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@2002-09-09 12:00:00
Hi, anyone has any idea of Allenresource and their TestBank. Are their products good or not

@2002-09-10 02:11:00
The question about the quality of Allen has asked for many times on different forum.

For their study notes, most candidates found that they aer too concise (even for those finance major) to grasp the CBOK of CFA.

For their testbank, the comments are quite different. Some said their testbank is good and better than those of Schweser. But some said they are filled with errors.

You can take a look on this webpage for further info.
@2002-09-10 02:40:00
It is actually testbank, not textbank.

Go to You will find all test bank questions for Level I and II for free.
@2002-09-11 03:27:00
You can directly access cfa-aficionado (circumventing those pop up ads) through the following.

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