AuthorTopic: textbook
@2005-06-12 20:23:04
need cfa text books for level 1 in 2006
@2005-09-29 16:50:31
What do you think of the new textbook formats? It looks as though they are putting a lot more material in the candidate readings...for Level I there are no textbooks at all anymore!
@2005-10-01 14:22:47
All they're doing is bundling the readings together.
In 2005, if you needed to read just one chapter in a textbook, you had to buy the entire text.
In 2006, you buy only the chapters you actually need to read.
You still read the exact same material, you just don't buy the remaining chapters you don't need to read.
@2005-10-20 18:49:14
has anyone bought the new materials for CFA 2006 Level-I.
@2005-11-01 23:57:15
it costs so much for the textbooks

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