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@2009-03-07 11:11:33
Hi there,

I was wondering if the finance textbooks( investment, corp fin) that I used in undergrad be useful for studying L1?
Any advice will be appreciated.

@2009-03-09 01:03:44
Definitely.......and books like Investments (Bodie, Kane, & Marcus) and Options, Futures and Other Derivatives (Hull) that you may have used in you undergrad program are actually better than some of the CFA books. Any stats texts you may have will be useful as well.

hope that helps
@2009-03-29 10:11:49
Any introductory statistics book from your undergrad will successfully replace the crappy Quantitative Methods for Investment Analysis. Good luck.
@2009-04-16 11:52:47
What gaps exist between schweser, analyst notes and CFAI texts?

Feeling pressure.
@2009-04-26 14:03:25
I am finding my undregrad's text book is very useful.
@2019-03-26 12:28:09
I had maybe 10 books left over from my MBA, and the only one I found useful was an old stats book. The CFA books are not bad, and most importantly, the section emphasis and questions will be the most directly applicable to the test. The CFA books do have some nuances that you won't catch from other books.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did use a separate book on options trading when I was first learning that. The first time you learn options, it can throw your head in a loop. Once you pick it up, they're pretty easy.

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