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@2009-09-01 22:13:26
Hi all,

I'm taking the Level 1 exam in this Dec.
I'm a recent Finance/Economics graduate, what would you recommend in terms of study texts?
Is it possible to get through with AnalystNotes study notes, using texts from the library from time to time? or is buying all the CFA recommended texts the only way to go?

If so, which third party notes are 'best'? I'd prefer a book that compresses 10:1 than all the way from 100:1, if that makes sense.

Thanks in advance
@2009-10-03 10:53:31
This exam will be more difficult than you think even though you've seen about 70% of the material and those parts will be a recap for you.

That said, some people can do it with AnalystNotes study notes only, some do combo and some only do textbooks. I personally used both for each level but i have undergrad in canadian history and psychology.
@2010-04-22 13:09:35
you're not even going to get 10:1 compression, lucky if you get 2:1, and that's a common misconception amongst newbies.

There used to be a joke about Stalla, that they'd summarize a 42 page article in 41 pages, so for stalla, the compression is way less than 2:1.

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