AuthorTopic: Thanks for helping me pass
@2003-07-21 04:59:00
I was thrilled to learn I have passed L1. Many thanks to yours site. Your notes are well organised, that helped me to manage complete study in a record time by allowing me to focus on important stuff (LOS) instead of spending enormous time reading the whole assigned material. I do recommend to read the AIMR assigned books, but make sure you start early to be able to do that.

One other thing I loved about your site: Questions were well selected and comprehensive. I have seen Stella's, I beleive yours are much better.

Thank you once again, good luck, and do email us once you issue CFA II notes.
@2003-07-21 20:36:15
Hello LoayR.

I am so glad to hear you passed, and good luck in your LII and III studies!
@2003-08-10 18:04:33
I also passed with your notes, Mike. Great job!
@2007-04-06 06:46:02
A good entry, deserves to go to the top of this forum!
@2007-04-20 20:11:08
Glad to hear you passed. Good luck in your subsequent levels
@2007-05-24 11:27:11
Question about Ethics,
I will be sitting for the level I exam in a week or so and I really wanted to get a better grasp on ethics, does any one have any tips on how to memorize and learn this section?
Thank you,
@2007-05-25 12:46:01
just do how many as you can... and understand the concepts behind the answer.
@2007-07-24 23:25:33
Thanks for the rich study materials and question bank. I was a first timer in June 2007 and I passed solely with your materials - >70 in all areas except General Portfolio Management (51% - 70%).
@2007-07-25 00:10:04
Thanks alot I passed LI as well :)
@2007-07-25 07:48:52
Thanks for the questions and the notes i was also a first timer,but i used the CFA text books with your notes .Economics and derivatives below 50%,the others above 70%
@2007-07-25 10:44:01
Pass from my side. I was a first timer too, and relied on analyst notes for most of my preparation. Thanks a lot.
@2007-07-25 15:12:09
I also passed L1 at first attempt!!!! The exam was much easier than I expected. Exam difficulty level is similar to question bank, maybe a bit more difficult. But if you get 70-75 % average in question bank you'll be OK, for sure!!!

Good luck to all of them who do the exam in dec!
@2007-08-20 15:09:47
same here!
@2007-08-21 07:50:17
I passed Level II at first attempt thanks to the questions and the notes from!
@2007-09-07 15:55:44
After reading your comments I am exited to finish all analyst notes. I am taking a december exam, but I don't know only 85 days left... I just started. Hope I can manage.

Wish me good luck!
@2008-03-19 09:04:07
I passed level 1 in Dec/07 with analysnotes question bank and textbooks only. I would suggest to other candidates to try the web site's mock exams! they are hard.
@2008-10-13 16:22:17
Me too here. Great job AN!
@2008-12-02 04:06:11
Hey Everyone!

As i could, all these happy messages (i passed level 1) feel very good. I have recently started preparing for CFA Level 1 for june 09. Need some tips to go in the right track in the preparation

@2009-02-05 14:21:34
Hi guys
I am to sit for my CFA Lv 1 this June 09
Can't wait to pass too :-)
@2009-02-11 08:22:18
I also passed Lev I Dec 08 using CBOK and AN site. Very good practice exam here, helped me a lot. Recommending to everyone.
@2009-02-16 02:10:23
Firstly congrats on your good news!
I am preparing for Dec. 09. Just new comer and I will have a fresh kick-off. hopefully that we can share some precious experience. Glad to keep in touch with you guys (I am from Vietnam).
@2009-02-24 10:16:42
Wow!Congrants to all of you who passed.I am preparing for my exams in December and i cant wait to finally say that I HAVE PASSED TOO,THE FIRST TIME AROUND!!

Good luck to you all in level 2
@2009-12-11 09:15:05
I passed level 1 in Dec 2008 for the first time without using any of the CFA books, excellent website!!!! Thanks
@2010-04-10 06:48:34
I know from my friends that this site very useful, but i dont have card to pay online, I can pay by cash. Please help me admin.
@2010-10-23 14:09:51
i was overwhelmed by the volume of notes i had to read for my l1, i have been trying to get an alternative study then i stumbled on frst order for the complete package i will place. i hope it pays
@2010-11-30 03:48:44
I am a beginner. Asking you to pray for me...
@2011-01-25 11:31:42
Bump for the passing help!
>70% in all areas but derivatives!

On to level II!
@2011-01-26 05:08:47
I am a first timer,will only be getting my study material from the institude next week,i do feel very uneasy as i am not sure what to expect,how hectic is the material? and which should i use as my base CFAI or AN ?
@2019-09-15 10:41:17
I used AN primarliy, then read through the books as "review".

Found this was the most effecient use of my time. However consider I have a very solid foundation in Economics and Statistics in my undergrad. Then just recently completed a MBA with Finance focus from a top school.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!