AuthorTopic: the best revision strategy?
@2017-08-21 19:56:27
Tonight I will finish my practice problems for SS 6, which is the end of Econ. I have done SS 2-6 from AnalystNotes, which is all of Quants and Econ. Next is FRA, which is scheduled to last approximately 6 weeks.

The question is should I stop now and review Quants and Econ with review exams covering all of 2-6 with say a 50question test now for revision, or should I chug along through FRA and THEN stop and do a test covering all of Quants, Econ, and FRA?

I'm afraid of becoming too far removed from the Quants stuff, but at the same time I want to get through the thick of FRA here too and don't want to set myself back 2 days doing this exam and then reviewing it.

@2017-08-27 03:11:15
I think the key is to really understand all key concepts. It might be helpful to review different areas as soon as you are done with them but I think it?s also ok to wait until you are done with everything. Either way is ok as long as you understand the material.

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