AuthorTopic: The best strategy to prepare for level 1?
@2017-06-20 16:09:26
Which in your opinion is the best strategy:

1. Read exactly all the materials from the beginning to the end, concentrating a little bit more on subjects which are more difficult.

2. Skim through all the materials (or contents only) and concentrate on the topics which seem to be very difficult. Then, after one feel familiar with all difficult parts of exam, read exactly the whole reading?

3. (any other ideas?)

I think I'll base on this web site's study notes. I did a los-by-los comparison between the study guide and the notes here and found they are pretty through and complete.
@2017-07-24 18:43:35
My opinion - aims on ethics/GIPS , FSA and asset valuation -you must know this inside/out
- all topics will be tested but if you focus this area and very strong, you should be alright!
@2017-07-30 00:31:13
You should cover all topics more or less.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh