AuthorTopic: The exam is over
@2017-06-09 22:45:50
What you think about real exam?

I think questions on this site are much tougher and I am thankful for that
@2017-06-14 00:57:20
I sat the CFA Level II exam... I struggled with the derivatives (although I had struggled with it whilst studying too), and thought the ethics questions were quite tricky.... I feel like I guessed alot so don't really know how I did. What did you think?
@2017-06-17 07:39:08
I sat the level 2 as well and felt it was much harder (trickier and testing lots of detail on the not sections I thought were of secondary impotance) than the Schweser practice exams and the actual CFA mock exam. Some of the calculations were also very time-consuming and testing error-free algebra rather than concepts. In general, I was really surprised at the level of detailed knowledge that it required. I will be very lucky if I passed. What did other people think?
@2017-06-25 14:26:55
yup - level II very hard here, too, as also my benchneighbours said. as the exams may be (who knows exactly) will be graded partially relatively, we might have a slight chance...
@2017-09-11 12:49:53
It was weird. I would say that the FRA questions here were more difficult than the actual exam.

The fixed income questions here were very, very basic compared to the actual exam (I felt FI was one of my strongest areas based on the practice exams and question; it turned out to be one of my weakest)

Overall I think Analyst Notes was helpful, I failed with Band 6. I should also note that I only studied for 6 weeks, and was well under the 300 hours of study time. I will also note that I am a recent undergrad with a degree in Finance, so I have a background with most of the information. The stuff that looked the most foreign to me when studying for the exam was Quantitative Methods (one of my worst areas) and Financial Reporting Anaylsis (somehow I placed in the 51-70% range here).

3 areas I was above 70%
4 areas I was between 51-70%
3 areas I was below 50%

I'm confident that with another 3 1/2 months study time, and using analyst notes, taking the practice exams on the CFA website multiple times, I will do much better. I read the entire material when studying for the exam, and left only about 10 days for questions and practice exams (30-60 days would've been more ideal).

I suggest reading the entire material, word for word as you will gain a better understanding of some concepts, and the material also goes into depth that I think you cannot get an understanding of from just doing practice questions and exams. Just my take on the exam, fairly confident I'll pass the 2nd time around with far more time, better preparation, and improved technique.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!