AuthorTopic: The first mock exam is ready!
@2003-04-25 23:55:36
Please click the link located at the left corner of each page (right below "Log Out" link).

The first one is out for testing. We are going to add the rest of 5 as promised.

The CFACenter Team
@2003-04-26 16:22:13
Hi Mike:

I really like these mock questions. Yeah they are definitely harder than review questions......

Just a small suggestion here:
is it possible to redo the mock exam? I understand that I have full access to all questions with answers, but I just want to redo the mock exam without answers shown at the first place.

hope I made myself clear.
@2004-11-06 21:48:35
Yes they are harder!
@2004-11-07 05:43:00
The log out link is on the RIGHT corner of the page and I don't seem to have a link to the first mock.
@2004-11-08 03:21:29
Note this message was for May/2004 exam and it's outdated. A recent reply by tristin brought the message to the top of the forum.

The link to all mock exams is now in 'Study' section.


@2004-12-13 07:05:56
hey mike,

i cant find the link to the exams in the study section, just the questions for my 18topics is all. could you check it please

@2004-12-13 22:35:18
These mock exams are available 30 days within an exam date. We removed them after the Dec/2004 exam ended.
@2004-12-14 06:11:37
how come you cant leave them up after, for people who want to practice them for the june exam? it would be nice to have a proper mock exam rather than a load of sample questions from diffrent places to study from

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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Edward Liu