AuthorTopic: The importance of Ethics and Professional Standards
@2018-08-10 16:11:25
Dear all,

I used textbooks, Schweser notes and online questions and failed my last attempt (Level I Dec 2015). Not going to use Schweser again - totally waste of money.

What I observed is that I had not-so-bad scores in all areas, except Ethics and Derivatives...

I devoted less time to ethics, but anyway its a tricky and vital part of the exam...

Could you propose the correct approach to preparation for ethics???

Thanks in advance,

@2018-09-11 13:47:54
I'm trying to read some readings from Ethics & Professional Standards every day, after I finish study notes i have planned for that day. I also do 5 random review questions on ethics every day here on this site. Sometimes it works, sometime doesn't.
@2018-10-27 11:47:08
read the CFAI manuala and practice the questions.

CFA Discussion Topic: The importance of Ethics and Professional Standards

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.